Blog Tour ~ 1-2-3, A Deep Breath for Me by Hillary Harper, Felipe Calv ~ Review | Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ 1-2-3, A Deep Breath for Me by Hillary Harper, Felipe Calv ~ Review | Giveaway

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1-2-3, A Deep Breath for Me by Hillary Harper, Felipe Calv, Dog doing breathing exercises

Welcome to a new Blog Tour in cooperation/sponsored by Children’s Book Reviews and Hillary Harper, it is time for 1-2-3, A Deep Breath for Me by Hillary Harper, Felipe Calv! Puppies, friendship, meditation, and sweet art! I am so happy I can work together with the CBR again and promote this author.

I got a 4 starred review + book/author information + a giveaway!

Let’s get started!


I received this book from The Children’s Book Review + Hillary Harper in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this one. 2024 has been A YEAR so far and seriously, I could use some tips. Meditating dogs and breathing rhymes? Come to me! I am more than willing to give it a shot at this point.

In this one we meet Mack. A cute pup who is, sadly, afraid of everything. You may think I am exaggerating, but no. Everything is scary for Mack. People. Outside. Thunder. And sometimes it is because he is scared scared, other times he mostly worried about what will happen. Butterflies pop in his stomach. Mack is a pup who likes things to be all the same. I just felt for Mack and wanted to give him the biggest cuddles. I was happy when Gertie appeared in the story, a small pup with weird eyes who has just the thing for Mack. I loved that Mack was at first a bit hesitant about it (as would I) but then slowly started trying it out. I am happy that it wasn’t an instant, OH IT WORKS, WHOO. Instead it took a while before Mack felt more and more comfortable and that made me happy. Thank you author for that! I was fully rooting for Mack to gain some confidence, be able to get rid of at least some butterflies, and just enjoy his life a bit more. It was heartwarming to see him grow!

And Gertie was just so fun and cute and I love how she supported Mack. A lot of others may have gotten annoyed with Mack, but Gertie just stuck with Mack and helped him out as much as Gertie could. So sweet!

I am definitely going to try this rhyme, “1-2-3, a deep breath for me, 4-5-6, blow it out like candlesticks, 7-8-9, everything will be fine, when I get to 10, I do it again.” I am a bit hesitant if it will work, but again at this point I am willing to try everything!

The art was a lot of fun though the eyes, especially Gertie’s, weirded me out a bit. However, later in the book we get some photographs of the duo and I could understand the eyes better.

Yes, you read that one right! At the end of this delightful and heartwarming book we get to meet the real Gertie and Mack! With photographs! Thank you author for adding those, though one thing made me tear up. 🙁

Oh, and I love, just like in other children’s books (like Thea Stilton) some words are coloured in the text.

All in all, this was a fun book about friendship, dogs, and trying out meditation to help you with butterflies and fears. I would recommend this one to everyone!

Star rating, 4 stars

1-2-3, A Deep Breath for Me by Hillary Harper, Felipe Calv, Blue cover with a dog doing breathing exercises and doing a rhymeAges 3-8 | 38 Pages

Publisher: Cannoli & Co. Books | ISBN-13: 9798988363637

Publisher’s Book Summary: Meet Mack, the pup with emotions as big as his paws! At times, Mack finds himself overwhelmed by his feelings. His stomach is filled with butterflies, his legs grow wobbly, and he feels short of breath. Thankfully, Mack has his trusty sidekick, Gertie, to guide him through the tough times. Together, they explore ways to manage and overcome these powerful emotions.

Through Mack’s journey, children can learn breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and other self-regulation activities that can be practiced in their daily lives.

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About the author:

Hillary HarperHillary Harper has worked in the field of early childhood education since 2006. During this time she has worked as an elementary and preschool teacher, academic designer, and preschool/center director.

Her love of children’s books helped launch her book company, Cannoli & Co. Books, in 2023. Cannoli & Co. Books bring engaging, timeless, and creative stories to children and adults alike. The company is named after Hillary’s “best boy”, an English cream golden retriever named Cannoli. He and his canine brothers and sisters are the inspiration for her funny stories.

Hillary is a native of Ohio. She has three teenage daughters, who also inspire her on a daily basis. She is a second generation teacher and writer, following in the footsteps of her parents. Outside of her professional life, Hillary enjoys spending time gardening, taking care of her house plants, and going on adventures.

Find her here:   

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  1. Thank you for your review of my book. Gertie does have some silly eyes in this story. It was one of her funniest attributes in real life. If you have any questions about the book or the real life Mack and Gertie, don’t hesitate to ask!

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