Blog Tour ~ Beautifully Fractured by Michele Lenard ~ Excerpt | Giveaway | Teaser

Blog Tour ~ Beautifully Fractured by Michele Lenard ~ Excerpt | Giveaway | Teaser

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A very excited welcome to the Blog Tour for Beautifully Fractured by Michele Lenard!! This is the first book in the Front Range University series and I am so excited to be part! This book sounds like such a good one and I would LOVE to read it.

For today’s post I got an excerpt, teasers, giveaway, and book/author information. Plenty of fun today!

Beautifully Fractured by Michele Lenard, black/white cover with a man on it wearing a shirtEver have someone get you so well it’s like looking in a mirror?
Starting over is not what I had planned.
Those stories about magically becoming best friends with the person assigned to live with you… Yeah, that won’t be me. I already have a best friend. Even if I wanted a new one, Liam wouldn’t be it. He’s permanently grouchy, carrying a negative energy I don’t need since I’m finally in a good place. But I’ve never been good at ignoring when people need help, so I paste on a smile and play nice.
Predictably, Liam isn’t much of a talker, but after an unexpected accident he needs my help in other ways. Ways that offer me answers about myself. Ways that raise new questions about the football dreams I’ve been chasing since I was a kid. Ways that make me relive the past I want to ignore.
To say I’m confused is an understatement, but there’s one thing I know for certain…Liam is either the key to one door or the bolt that could prevent another from ever opening. And I have to choose which I want him to be.
Starting over is exactly what I need.
I can’t get any more invisible than I’ve been for the past few years, and I figure rooming with another person means at least one human on the planet can’t ignore me. Unfortunately, that human is Adonis personified, and not gay, so it’s looking like my invisibility streak might continue.
Then I suffer a minor accident, and Cruz’s hero complex comes out in full force.
I should be grateful to have someone to open my door and carry my books, but when you pair his selfless personality with that body… My mind starts to blur the roommate line, which makes his blur the line of not being gay.
My heart is already battered, and I doubt it can take rejection from the one person who broke down all the walls I’d built around it. That doesn’t mean I won’t try to give it to him anyway.
**Beautifully Fractured is a high-heat MM romance with medium angst that features a grumpy/sunshine relationship, forced proximity, hurt/comfort situations and a bi-awakening. This is book one in a series of interconnected standalones. Though the main characters are athletes, this is not a sports romance. Rather, it’s a romance that happens to feature people who play sports.

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About the author:

Michele Lenard LogoMichele is a tomboy who writes contemporary romance (usually sports themed) that is both sweet and steamy. Her goal is to make you fan your face as you wipe a tear from your eye. Her books are part of a series but there are no cliffhangers so each can be read as a standalone. When she isn’t reading or writing she enjoys the outdoors, something that pops up in her books from time to time.

Find her here:     

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“So, now that we’re friends.” Cruz’s voice halts my internal rambling, and I try not to choke on my own breath as he steps back into our room wearing only a towel that does very little to hide the delicious little ‘V’ I suspected he’d have at the base of his torso. “Got any thoughts about what to do with this room?”
I swallow back the saliva pooling in my mouth as he pulls on a pair of boxers–before letting the towel drop to the floor thank God. “What do you mean?”
His head swivels around, taking in the space. “It’s kind of depressing, don’t you think?”
“It’s a dorm.”
“We might need to work on your vocabulary, Sunshine.” He tugs on a pair of sweats that do nothing to hide how round his ass is. “This place isn’t just a plain dorm room, it resembles a prison cell. Where’s the personalization?”
I force myself to look at his face. “Just because we’ve called a truce doesn’t mean you get to give me a nickname.”
“An ironic nickname.” He smiles proudly, like we’re already on our way to being best buddies, and I can’t decide if that makes me want to roll my eyes or smile back.
He’s just so…eager.
Rolling my eyes wins out, though I take my own tour of the bare white walls, plain tile floor, and worn wood furniture. “What did you have in mind?”

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