Blog Tour ~ How To Make a Sandwich by Lorena M. Proia ~ Review || Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ How To Make a Sandwich by Lorena M. Proia ~ Review || Giveaway

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How To Make a Sandwich by M. Proia, Girl and cat in the kitchen making a sandwich + on the other side of the banner girl and cat with tons of ingredients for sandwiches

Welcome to a new Blog Tour in cooperation/sponsored by Children’s Book Reviews and Lorena M. Proia! Say hello to How To Make Sandwich!! I am so happy I can be part of this tour and promote this book + that I got to read it for a review!

I got a 4 starred review + book/author information + a giveaway!

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I received this book from The Children’s Book Review + M. Proia in exchange of an honest review.

OK, I thought I was already going to be enjoying this one, but I did it even more! This was just adorable! Meet Rae! A girl with big ambitions, big dreams. Each day of the week she is doing something different, like on Wednesday she is a scientist and does all sorts of fun experiments! And today? Today, she is hungry. And what best way to defeat hunger then to make a yummy sandwich? Of course, “aided” by the assistance of her pets. And yes, I say “aided” because dear sweet Rae has big plans on her sandwiches and her pets (but also later her parents) keep taking away bits of her sandwich (some of them very sneakily *looks at Phebe*). I was curious if she was even able to make a sandwich further than the bread, because it did seem to go that way, haha. Poor Rae.

I loved seeing her try to make a sandwich and I loved how sweet she was about each element. How it wasn’t just throw everything on that plate, and om nom nom, oh no, she is making a family. And not just parents but also sweet feelings and warmth. I was just aww-ing at her monologue on what each ingredient was for. It was just too sweet and I loved it. I am curious to see her make other things as well and if she would do the same there.

The ending was a bit sad at first but then turned into something much more warm and I was just very happy with it. That was so cute!

I also loved the illustrations and the style. It gave me nostalgic vibes!

All in all, I would recommend this book to everyone! Sandwiches, family, pets, and tons of cuteness!

Star rating, 4 stars

How To Make a Sandwich by M. Proia, Girl in the kitchen with her cat and the girl is making a sandwich with all sorts of ingredientsAges 4+ | 32 Pages

Publisher: PnM Publishing | ISBN-13: 979-8-9885730-0-5

Publisher’s Book Summary: Making a sandwich is fun and easy! And Rae knows just how to do it. The bread is like the parents, it keeps the sandwich safe and happy. The turkey is the love, the lettuce is the fun. But every time Rae adds an ingredient, it disappears, and she soon realizes there is a sandwich-stealing thief intent on eating her creation! Will Rae ever get to eat her lunch? Suddenly making a sandwich isn’t so easy after all!

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About the author:

Lorena ProiaWhen Lorena M. Proia graduated with a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in Graphic Design and Painting, she never imagined she’d become an Information Architect in high-tech. She thought her creativity was lost until she was rescued by an Australian Shepherd named Phebe. Inspired by Phebe’s antics, her drawings became Phebe-n-Me, a t-shirt company, which grew up to become a children’s book! How to Make a Sandwich is her first picture book.

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