Blog Tour ~ Summer Vamp by Violet Chan Karim ~ 15 Reactions While Reading

Blog Tour ~ Summer Vamp by Violet Chan Karim ~ 15 Reactions While Reading

Afternoon all!

Summer Vamp by Violet Chan, three girls around a bonfire with one girl looking terrified in the middle

A happy sparkly welcome to the Blog Tour for Summer Vamp by Violet Chan Karim! This was one of my OMG need to read 2024 releases and I am excited that I could read it for this tour! I can tell you that I really REALLY enjoyed this book and that it was just oodles of fun! How a human girl entered a vampire camp and how she found friends, happiness, and more. I loved every bit of it! Well, OK, maybe not the start and I found Maya very VERY annoying (they clearly said they would get pizza, wtf). But 5 stars from me!

For today’s post I got information on the book/author AND I got 15 reactions I had while reading!

Let’s go! And be sure to check out this fun summer-vibes and vampires + friendship graphic novel when you have the chance! Check out my Goodreads here to see a small review for the book.

15 Reactions I had while Reading.

Gurl please GIF, Woman rolling her eyes while drinking wine

Woman sticking out of a yellow VW beetle excited about camp

dracula dead and loving it, Leslie Nielsen rising from the coffin and bumping his head against a chandelier

Seinfield, Seinfield running while shouting about blood

Brooklyn Nin-Nine Heist Time

Fruit Bat being adorable in a towel

Black Woman making movements with hands and saying We're Cooking up some magic

Steve Urkel Food Fight

Stepbrothers Movie GIF

Cardcaptor Sakura, HYPE, Sakura with heart eyes

black man gasping dramatic way

Boom Go Time Latto

This is the Best, Reaction, GIF

Sad baby missing everyone

Eddie Murphy Oh Yes

Summer Vamp by Violet Chan Karim, girl in the middle of a campfire looking very scared

What happens when a very human kid ends up at the wrong summer camp—FOR VAMPIRES?! This quirky and heart warming graphic novel about making friends and getting in trouble is perfect for fans of Witches of Brooklyn.

After a lackluster school year, Maya anticipates an even more disappointing summer. The only thing she’s looking forward to is cooking and mixing ingredients in the kitchen, which these days brings her more joy than mingling with her peers . . . that is until her dad’s girlfriend registers her for culinary summer camp! Maya’s summer is saved! . . . or not.

What was meant to be a summer filled with baking pastries and cooking pasta is suddenly looking a lot . . . paler?! Why do all of the kids have pointy fangs? And hate garlic? Turns out that Maya isn’t at culinary camp—she’s at a camp for VAMPIRES! Maya has a lot to learn if she’s going to survive this summer . . . and if she’s lucky, she might even make some friends along the way.

Buy this book here: Amazon ||| B&N
About the author:

Violet Chan KarimViolet Chan Karim is a comic artist and writer from Boston, Massachusetts. Her love for cartoons, books, and movies as a child led to her pursuing a career in writing and illustration as an adult. She graduated with a BFA in Sequential Art from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2020. Violet’s debut graphic novel, Summer Vamp, will be published in 2024 with Random House Graphic. She also creates the webcomic, Death of a Pop Star, with Webtoon.

Find her here:     
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