Book Haul May 2024

Book Haul May 2024

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Welcome all to May’s book haul. For some reason May is already over, or well, almost.

This month was a decent month. I had some downs, but also ups. Just like last month the weather has also been all over the place. We had some GORGEOUS sunny days that felt like summer, and then we had days that it seemed the rain would never end, haha. I did some gardening and I just LOVE how my garden is all in bloom now. Reading-wise it was also a good month! I got some fun new books + I had some fabulous (and still have though but I am getting there) ARCs. Plus, this time the library books were a bit less hit/miss, so that is also nice!

I got quite some new books this month, including several more manga. I am still selling books at Marktplaats and I sold a couple which meant I could get some more manga.

This month I also had three pre-orders (ADHD, Reggie Rabbit, Strangeville School) + I won a book (Terschelling). One of the pre-orders was a surprise, haha, it has been a while since I pre-ordered it so I was like, wait what is this package? Oh, oh! I used to pre-order more but these days pre-orders are very rare so it is a big surprise.

Did I read the books I got this month? Almost yes! I only have Murder Road left to read and I hope to do so soon~

No new Kindle books this month.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Terschelling by Linda van Rijn
Strangeville School is Definitely not Cursed by Darcy Miller, Brett Helquist
The Great Carrot Heist by Swapna Reddy, Becka Moor
ADHD is Awesome by Penn and Kim Holderness
Rex: Dinosaur in Disguise: Undercover Alien by Elys Dolan
Eniale & Dewiale #3 by Kamome Shirahama
Waking up in a Yuri World #2 by Hiroki Haruse
Gestatten, ich bin’s Isoji #3 by Mie Washio
Hello Morning Star #2 by Tomo Kurahashi
My Dear Agent by Bisque Ebino
Eniale & Dewiale #2 by Kamome Shirahama
Murder Road by Simone St. James
Lenny Lemmon and the Alien Invasion by Ben Davis, James Lancett
What in the Wow?! #2 by Mindy Thomas, Guy Raz
Doomsday Archives: The Wandering Hour by Zack Loran Clark
Blossom Origami by Clover Robin

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