New Releases I Hope To Read June 2024

New Releases I Hope To Read June 2024

Afternoon all!

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Happy happy welcome to a new post, today I am sharing June’s new releases I would LOVE LOVE to read! BTW, where did May go?

May was a pretty OK month, I guess. On the 5th my dad had his birthday and a small party, I finally saw some family members I haven’t seen in a long long long time, plus it was all fun. My dad really loved seeing everyone and he had a smile the whole time. I visited a local garden centre and brought back a lot of new plants for my backgarden. I painted the bench on the balcony as it wasn’t doing so good and now it looks all fancy again! I checked out my friend’s new home (or well, the layout as it is just the bare bones still). And there were other things! Plus, of course, library visits because this girl cannot go without a library for long, haha. My Marktplaats selling is going a bit slow but sometimes I get someone who wants a book, so that is nice!

Reading-wise, another bit of DNF of library books, but also a lot of great books, including manga (currently doing another re-read of Dragon Ball).

The upcoming month has A LOT of fun books that I am dying to get my grabby hands on, but we will see, given how it generally goes with the prices on Amazon/Bol it won’t be until later than June, haha. But who knows, maybe I will be able to get a few!

Does anyone have any recs for the upcoming month? I would love some more MG/children books!

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