Review for Bless, Vol.1

Review for Bless, Vol.1

Bless 1 by Yukino Sonoyama, Boy doing make-upI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

A gorgeous and delightful manga about a guy who used to be model but actually wants to become a make-up artist go for that path fully and a classmate who wants to try out modelling even though she is super shy and at times awkward. I loved that they both supported the other and that they were really eager to make this work out.

My favourite character was definitely Aia, our MC. It was really fun to read on how he got a chance to go for make-up and see him pursue it. I love seeing him gain more confidence as the story continues. See him discover that make-up is really were his passion lies. But also see his worries. See that he wonders if he shouldn’t have done this earlier because competition is fierce and some of them have been at it for years. I just wanted to step in the story and tell him that yes he may be behind, but he has talent and skills and he will get very far as long as he keeps on practicing now. I love how he was able to really bring out someone’s face and make it pop. And I love his stance on freckles. A lot of make-up artists try to hide them, but he didn’t want that. Oh, and his motto to do make-up? LOVED IT!

Oh, I do have to say I thought these guys were in college/uni, not in high school. The way they act, they fact they get job offers and opportunities to go further with their talents.

I did like Jun, and I did like seeing her blossom and try out this new path of modelling, see her embrace her height. Oh, and see her accept her freckles more made me smile, I wasn’t such a fan how she fumbled that important moment with Aia. I get it, she is shy. She is awkward. It is her first time (or well second given the competition/event at the beginning), but it just felt like she didn’t even try. And that they had to accommodate to have her feel happy. I hope she realises that Aia made this happen and that if she wants to pursue modelling this won’t be standard. Especially not for a newbie.

I also liked meeting other people in the industry. Like the rival at the magazine, who wasn’t always likeable but I did like him in overall. Or the guy that Aia knows from when he was a model who is now a superfamous make-up artist.

The school event that started it all? I wish I could have been there for real. It looks like such a fun event full of fashion, make-up and more!

The art was gorgeous and stunning. Some of the panels were just so worthy of being put in frames.

All in all, this was a gorgeous and stunning manga and I will be rooting for these two characters. I am definitely interested in reading more! If you like fashion and make-up this is the one for you.

Star rating, 4 stars

2 thoughts on “Review for Bless, Vol.1

  1. This sounds like a great manga. I love the makeup and modeling industry and would love to see it covered more in manga. The main MC sounds super cool. I’ll add this to my list.

    1. Oh, then you will love this one! Enjoy! Oh, and I am sure you heard of Paradise Kiss then? Such a wonderful manga (and anime).

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