Review for Break of Dawn

Review for Break of Dawn

Break of Dawn by Tetsuya Imai, Boy and an AI robot in space,I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

😊 The coming of age stuff
😊 The summer adventure feels, the days of going to school and having adventures after while the days turn hotter. And then also the summer vacation! Ah, I remember those days of just having fun.
😊 Some parts of the space/spaceship/AI things that happened. The spaceship I especially liked and I love that the boys did everything they could to help him out.
😊 I did like that we got to see Honoka’s POV.
😊 Seeing some more 2010 stuff, the first time I missed it, but the second time it was clearer. And I really liked getting some more background on the spacecraft, but also see these 3 discover things and try, with limited technology, to do something. And then also see how it all went wrong and why they abandoned the plan.
😊 I liked that they all started to work together. The kids from 2010 (who are now not kids of course) and the kids from 2038 (aka our main characters).

🤔 I did like the bonus story but I just wished it was a bit longer, a bit more everything.

😕 Too much dialogue. Especially when it went on and on about AI and space and technology and all that. It can be quite fun to read, but it was just dry AF in this one. I was just getting bored. Which is why I had to scroll back because apparently at one point we went back to 2010… however the characters looked the same to me, haha, so I didn’t know it was different until we met a certain character and he mentioned something. But there was just too much blablbalblabla.
😕 I feel like this one could have been much shorter. It just felt like it kept going.
😕 The bullying subplot.
😕 Wako can just fuck off. LORD.
😕 Wait are the boys at the same school as Kawai? I thought they weren’t, but during a big ceremony there they were and it would be a bit weird if they weren’t part of the school to just be part of that, right?
😕 Though I did like that everyone came together it just got too technological and all that.
😕 The whole thing with Nanako. It just felt a bit too convenient given how Yuma went from hating her to finding her OK.
😕 While I knew what the space entity/ship looked like, I have to say I had a few different expectations in regards to how it looked now. I was actually kinda looking forward to seeing the whole apartment building just disappearing, haha.

All in all, while it had its fun moments, for most I was just utterly bored and I just dragged myself through the book. The fun bits were like little bait bits that just kept me going. If it wasn’t for the fun bits, the coming of age, the summer adventure, I think I would have dropped this at around page 100.

Star rating, 2 stars

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