Review for Bunnies in a Boat

Review for Bunnies in a Boat

Bunnies in a Boat Philip Ardagh , Ben Mantle , Boat, Bunnies, Chaos, Picture Book, Children's Book, Humour, Funny, BeachThe Bunnies are back and this time we are going to the beach! Boat rides! And more~

Back in 2020 I read Bunnies on the Bus, a silly, hilarious, awesome book and I was so excited when I saw that a new Bunnies book would come out in 2023. Sadly, didn’t get the chance to read it in that year, but here is 2024 and I am finally able to read the next chaotic instalment to this series!

Just like with the previous book the Bunnies seriously give me Rabbids vibes haha. They were just so chaotic, all over the board, didn’t seem to care about whatever came in their paths. They were GOING for it and you will definitely feel sorry for the other peeps on the beach/sea. Because these bunnies have a boat and THEY ARE GOING FOR IT! We see the utter chaos happening and I was just laughing myself silly because it was just so over the top, and again, Rabbids are my favourites so I was just having oodles of fun. Yes, again maybe it was also a bit sad for those in the water (or beach or on the sidewalks, yes really) who just wanted to have fun and are getting swiped, water all over them, and more when the bunnies come by. Because nothing, SERIOUSLY NOTHING, is stopping these bunnies. They are going. They got plans. They are high on fun. Bunnies just wanna have fun! And I just love seeing things get out of hand more and more with each new page. The ending? I NEED THE NEXT BOOK! OMG, what are these bunnies going to be up to next? Oh my!

And each two page spread has so much detail to be found. Like how that banana boat is now missing a tiny bit of its behind. Or how the hippos found a new manouvre to practice, or how one bunny was so dedicated to eating the carrots he wasn’t even able to ask for help and was just being dragged along on the bottom of the sea, or see two bunnies re-enact Titanic while going at full speed, see the Three Little Pigs get in a dash of problem, oh and be sure to watch for the squirrels/ferrets when we get some underwater scenes because those two have big plans!, a seagull has a good day… or does he?, and there is so much more. You will not be bored

The illustrations are just fantastic. Colourful, fun, full of details, even after reading this one you will be finding yourself going back to see if you caught all the things that are happening!

All in all, another chaotic, delightful, fun, hilarious, OMG these bunnies read that I would highly recommend.

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