Review for Hercules: The Diary Of A (Sort Of) Hero

Review for Hercules: The Diary Of A (Sort Of) Hero

Hercules The Diary Of A (Sort Of) Hero by Tom Vaughan, David O'ConnellA really fun book about a boy who finds out that his actual dad is Zeus + there is also a ton of chaos happening before that!

Meet Hercules! Yes, that is his name. Additionally his last name is Braver. You can imagine that with such a name comes a lot of attitude, haha. But then again, I didn’t mind it that much well for most of the book. I could definitely understand where he came from with this. He just wants to have great time at school and not feel like a loser for once. And yes, at times he does get a bit too much, like when he forgets about his friends, goes way too much with his birth dad and listens too much to him, ignores the dad that was there since he was a little kid. But despite the attitude that goes bigger with each bit that Zeus did, I could also see him try to figure things out. Was all this power and popularity really worth it? Does he really want all this or would he rather have some great friends who care about him the way he is? It was a really fun read, but again, yes, I wanted to shake Hercules a few times in the story. Haha. I am happy that eventually he found his strengths and knew what direction to go.

Zooey/Zeus? Well, he had some good moments, but at times he just pissed me off. Then again, it is Zeus. Come on. Everyone who has read mythology and such knows how Zeus is. What Zeus wants he will get and if that takes some manipulating and other BS then so be it. I did like that, despite his ulterior motives, he visited Hercules and did some fun things with him. I had a laugh though at how in the beginning he kept things semi-vague though we, the reader, could easily see who Zooey really was. I mean, the guy just has a magical compartment in his car. Not to mention can summon thunder/lightning, hello, big flags there.

I loved all the chaos that took place in the book. Not just the whole Zeus/Gods business, but also losing a cat and trying to find her back, cleaning up a monster-riddled pond (but is there really a monster?), Hercules seeing things that come on his path as sort of missions that the Real Hercules did.

I loved the various side characters. Mom (who was sweet) and dad (Ken was such a nice guy and I loved how he was always there for Hercules). The friends. Natthew, um sorry, Matthew.

And I was especially happy with the ending to the book. It was just perfection!

The illustrations were also a lot of fun, as expected from David O’Connell!

All in all, I cannot wait to read more about Hercules, I am sure there are many more adventures for him in store. I would recommend this book to all looking for a fun/funny book about gods, a boy who needs to figure out if fame/popularity is all there is, friendship, and more!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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