Review for Loveboat Forever

Review for Loveboat Forever

Loveboat Forever by Abigail Hing WenThe third book in the Loveboat series and while I enjoyed it.. it wasn’t the best one. But I did have fun reading it in the end.

A big thank you to my hubby for getting me this one for my birthday! Sadly, while I did enjoy this one (4 stars, whoo) it is going on the bye bye stack because it is just 4 stars. sighs Yes, this was a good book in overall, but I just had points that I didn’t like.

But let’s start with the good first?

🥰 I loved seeing all my favourite characters again! Rick, Xavier, Sophie, Ever, and others! It made me smile. I especially love seeing Xavier and Sophie because they are so happy together.
🥰 Loveboat/the actual program. Boy, I am so jelly that these kids can go to this place, have fun but also learn new things!
🥰 I loved the music lessons that Pearl was taking and I am now even more curious about all these instruments and learning more about them!
🥰 Seeing Pearl learn about her roots/heritage, find family, go on a hunt for a pipa and find out so many fun things about it. It was just so sweet and I loved how in the end Ever, Pearl, and their mom found their family and visited their hometown/place. It just made me teary eyed.
🥰 I loved Pearl’s new friends, Iris and Hollis. I loved seeing their big plans to take over the world with food (sign me up for that though given they do a lot of vegan things I probably cannot each much of what they make given my allergies/food intolerances). They were so sweet with Pearl and I also love reading from afar about their (love) adventures at the program/Loveboat.
🥰 Yes, there is a love triangle but I didn’t mind it that much. Maybe it is because I knew who would be the endgame and I also didn’t like Ethan that much, haha. Sorry Ethan, but I was not a fan of him for many reasons, yes, at the start I did like the connection he and Pearl had, but as soon as it all turned to more lust rather than love.. eh. I was more a fan of brooding bad boy-like Kai. Yes, he is grumpy. Yes, he is judgy. But he is also sweet and I loved finding more about him. About why he isn’t playing instruments anymore. About his family. And I just loved how Kai was there for Pearl and how he tried to help out with each step. Plus, the chemistry between them!
🥰 Pearl/Ever’s mom was just so sweet! She really softened over the years and I love how supportive she is with her daughters now.
🥰 I also love the cover, it is so pretty!
🥰 The ending and all that was planned and organised there and how everything came together? It was just perfection and I adored it!
🥰 The writing style was still so good! Abigail Hing Wen really has a writing style that pulls you into the story and not lets you go.
🥰 The two parties, well, ok the first one was the best given things I cannot say. It was dark, sexy, fun, exciting. Plus, sparked a new plotline, because who is the mystery kisser? Who is Wolf?
🥰 I like food, so I loved the descriptions of food that was eaten in this book. Now I want to try several of them (well, provided I can eat them, haha).

Here is a list of things I wasn’t a fan of. Ready?

🫥 I expected the fall of grace to already have happened and that Loveboat was a fun thing to go and do for the summer. What actually happened is that we ride the highs of the acceptation for Apollo only for it to get thrown in the trash for a dumb reason just a few pages later and then all of the sudden she can go to Loveboat whereas before she didn’t want to and wasn’t able to.
🫥 While I do love Kai (I shipped Kai and Pearl so much) I didn’t like how he was so judgy and how he at times felt more like an older man talking about things rather than a teen. Yes, I got where he came from, but at times it just felt not in the right place and more put there to have some extra depth to the story. I think it would have worked if he was less judgy and that things flowed better with the story.
🫥 I do miss the Loveboat things. We do get two parties but that is it. Most of the book is focussed on Pearl figuring out things, the love triangle, and her finding her family/heritage/roots.
🫥 Pearl at times was just a bit too easily influenced by things. Plus, there were points that had me scratching my head. At one point it seems that she is surprised that there are civil wars outside of the US, and I was like, wait what the fuck? I get that education in the US is probably very US-centred but hello? There is a whole world? It isn’t all play and fun there.
🫥 I also wasn’t a fan how, as soon as Pearl learns about the Pipa, she seems to forget about piano and at times it came across as if she could only do one of these instruments. But that is just not right. You can do both. You can excel in both. Plus, while I know that she had music in her blood/family, it was just a bit too easy how she instantly was perfect at playing the pipa. Sorry, but that is not how instruments work. OK.
🫥 The Rick/Ever situation. I just wasn’t a fan at times. Seriously, you are both adults, just work it out in a better way.

But in overall, I am still very happy I read this one and I hope that maybe there are still more books, haha. Just with totally new characters!

Star rating, 4 stars

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