Review for Okiku-san wa Icha Tsukitai, Vol.1

Review for Okiku-san wa Icha Tsukitai, Vol.1

Okiku-San Wa Ichatsukitai, Vol.1 by Yuino Chiri, Tow girls on the cover, ghosts, yuri, funA really fun flirty manga featuring ghosts… but also with a hint of darkness.

In this one we meet a socially awkward (I guess she has her reasons) Ryouyou, a fantastic exorcist who is able to do a whole lot. I really liked Ryouyou, well, OK maybe not her attitude at times, but it does help that we can see how she truly feels. We are on the inside instead of the outside. When we first see her she is asked to help out with containing one of the Japan’s three great ghosts. Given what the first chapters gave us I had a feeling what would happen but it still made me laugh so much when Okiku popped up and find out she has one purpose. To flirt with a beautiful woman, say hello to Ryouyou. Yup. Congrats girl, one of the three greatest ghosts is now in your home. Flirting with you. Engaging in yuri times. Oh yes. I was laughing so much.

And if you think that is the only ghost to board in Ryouyou’s house for free? Well, later on another ghost is added. Another big one. Who is a real NEET/hikikimori/fujoshi. She has zero interest in engaging with Ryouyou as Okiku wants to but she also has her reasons to be with Ryouyou. OK, and I guess having unlimited access to the newest BL/GL stuff is also a win. Haha, I totally could understand her though, I wouldn’t mind spending my afterlife just playing games and reading smut. Bring it. 😆

While generally possessing of people is a big no-no, it is definitely helping Ryouyou since she is TERRIBLE at cooking and Okiku can cook. But yeah, you can imagine that being a ghost makes holding objects not the easiest so possessing is the way to go. I love that Okiku wanted to cook for Ryouyou, and that they found a way that works.

While most of the manga is quite cute and fun, there is a darkness as well and while I did not expect it, I didn’t mind it either. In fact, sign me up! We get some clues on why Okiku is so jealous/possessive at times, things that have to do with our exorcist and someone in the past, I do hope we get to see more of that and I also hope that Okiku doesn’t end up as a vengeful spirit since I just cannot get a reading on her at times.

Plus, we also get a backstory on the Ryouyou’s best friend in high school and I am very curious because the last page of that chapter shows us something and I was like WAIT. WAIT. I need more!

The art was really fun and I love the character designs~

All in all, a very fun, cute manga but with some darker elements that makes me wonder if the manga will keep having light-hearted parts or if things will get darker. I cannot wait! I would recommend this one!

Star rating, 4 stars

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