Review for You Must Be This Tall to Propose, Vol.1

Review for You Must Be This Tall to Propose, Vol.1

You Must Be This Tall to Propose! Vol. 1 by Fumi Mifuyu, Tall girl looking at smaller guy who is holding flowers, manga, romanceI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

This was an adorable manga of a very tall girl and a much smaller guy who like each other. They have known each other since they were very tiny. And when they were little they made a promise to marry (he proposed, so cute), but she named one requirement, he needs to be taller than her to propose. You can see on the cover how that is going, haha. But later on we learn a new fact about this requirement and that made me laugh, she should have specified that. Or maybe she should tell him? But I think she thinks that she was clear, oh my.

I love seeing him try all his best into getting taller. From stretching to drinking liters upon liters of milk. He is really trying and he is so happy with his growth spurt… but you can already see that he needs to grow A LOT more if he wants to be taller. And also pray that she stops growing, haha. I really love that despite it being seemingly impossible for him to be taller he keeps on staying close to her and keeps on trying. The man got a goal and he is not letting it go that easily. Which is just the cutest! I love that his friends try to help him out by suggesting things, which lead to some hilarious situations!

I also liked that we got to see some parts from her POV (and Tomo is such a fun character) and also saw bits of backstory (and now) from her brothers’ POV (who reminded me of certain other twins in manga and books).

This book is filled with hilarious misunderstandings + funny situations. I was just laughing so much (plus our MCs facial reactions, oh my gosh). The author did find the right balance between things. Sometimes misunderstandings don’t work for me in books, but in this one it just makes me laugh. I guess it helps that the misunderstandings don’t hurt anyone and that it just motivates the characters to try even harder.

Though I do hope that in the next volume Chitose is able to confess to Tomo, or Tomo to him. I mean, marriage may not be in the cards yet but at least start dating! I mean, both of them want that but things just didn’t work out exactly as they had planned.

All in all, I will keep on reading this one! I would recommend it if you like manga with misunderstandings and funny things happening. Oh, and a couple to root for.

Star rating, 4 stars

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