Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 12-5-2024

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 12-5-2024

Afternoon all!

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Whoop! Happy weekend and happy Sunday! Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!!

This week was a bit all over the place. My mental health wasn’t the best, thanks to my mom and the prospect of mother’s day lurking around. But last Sunday (May 5th) was a good time with my dad’s birthday and me seeing him and my family. They were very welcoming and warm (haven’t seen them in years) and assured me that they knew about my mom and didn’t put any blame on me, which was a relief as I was worried on what my mom may have told people. I talked to my aunt quite a bit and now I got some more pieces of the puzzle that is called my mom and also things on my dad. Plus, my dad just LOVED every bit, seeing relatives he has been asking about, friends, and just being together. I gave him two photobooks about Utrecht, and from others he got some money and a gorgeous succulent plant (he loves having something fun in his room). He was just smiling all the way and we laughed quite a bit. So yeah, that was great! And the rest of the week, well, other than my battery being overloaded and my mental health not the best, I did have some good moments. Like visiting a local garden centre which had an Open Day and haha I found out that they have some GORGEOUS plants for not that much money so I loaded a tray with plants and filled the two bags I had, in the end I had 12 plants, haha. Did some fun gardening on Saturday. Plus, on Ascension day my hubbie and I were free so we visited a zoo and had a fantastic day! Oh, and I visited Library #2 and #1! Oh, and I got something fun on Wednesday/Thursday, keep an eye out on my Twitter.
Reading-wise? A good good week. Some DNF, but in overall I had a lot of fun reading books!

What did I read from my TBR? Eniale & Dewiela #2 (So so so so much fun, I laughed so much), Hello Morning Star #2 (swoons), One Room Dog #2 (loved every bit of this one), Gestatten ich bin’s Isoji #2 (this was hilarious and fun and I loved it), De Jaren ’90 (this was fun), Grimwoud (it had its fun moments, but not as good as the first book).

I tried and dropped (and at least tried a chapter or so)? The Breakup Tour (I didn’t care for Max and the female singer whose name I already forgot was just SO annoying), The House in the Pines (eh characters), Een maand in Managuay (meh).

And here is a new stack. Not shown on there is Terschelling which I am currently reading! I cannot wait to read the books on this stack, especially the new physical books I am hyped about, they came in this week and I have been holding myself back not reading them, haha.

Thank you all so much for reading! Let me know in the comments what you think of my stack + what you are reading this upcoming week! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 12-5-2024

  1. So happy you had an amazing birthday with your dad and family!! Enjoy all of your new books Mehsi and enjoy your new plants! I would love to see them! ☕🌞🌻📚💜

    1. Thank you, Susan! I will! Thankfully, it is pretty weather now and I can just enjoy them. I will post a picture on my Twitter soon (@Mehsi_Hime).

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