Top 10 Books April 2024

Top 10 Books April 2024

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April 2024 Top 10 post

A happy welcome to a new Top 10 post! It is time to share with my Top 10 books of March!

First up, life updates! April was a mixed bag. My dad wasn’t doing so well when I visited, thankfully I could be there for him. Then there was plenty of communication between my mom and I and LORD it is just so much, plus it doesn’t help that she is just ignoring some texts or questions or answers in an erratic way. I found out that there was going to be party for my dad (just small) on the 5th of May (his birthday) but I wasn’t invited and I am still not sure if it was my mom’s doing or my aunt/uncle’s. I am invited now after going after it, getting my aunt’s number, and asking, but seriously. I was already planning on going on that day (got some fun pressies for my dad) but now it is a party. Phew. Haven’t seen my family in a long time so this is going to be much, but I am also kinda happy to see them? Other than parent/family stuff, on the 24th of April my dear hammie Gwen passed away after a day long struggle and yes, just like Mimi I had to make the decision to put her to sleep. So yeah, I was just a bit over Mimi and feeling just a bit better and now my sweet baby girl has passed as well. It is so silent in the house. Plus, I miss both Mimi and Gwen and I am excited that today I can pick up the urn with Mimi and Gwen. So yeah, as you can read, it wasn’t an easy month.
But there were also some lighter moments. Coco is doing well, just a bit raptor still. She is learning some new tricks, including dropping her newly found stick in the garden before going to the house. I did some gardening, repotted the bamboo as it was just growing everywhere instead of where I planted it, haha, and added some new plants (including two that should go up to around 2.50m which will hide the fence). There was a fun Kingsday with my hubby and a friend of ours and I found 3 new puzzles at the Kingsday market. I sold a portion of my manga and some books on Marktplaats which makes me happy because that means there is more room for other books again. I also got new recipes to try out and I should really get to it.

Reading-wise a good month! Some DNF for library books but other than that I read some great manga (OK A LOT of fun manga, haha), some fab ARCs, and some good physical books of my own! I am really happy with this month.

This month I had three 5+ starred books and twelve 5 starred books. Such a GOOD month!

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Hello Morning Star 01 by Tomo Kurahashi, Two boys hugging and one looking at the reader
Stoute Streken by Levina van Teunenbroek, girl on a bus with sparkles
Review to come May 16th
Bunnies in a Boat by Philip Ardagh, Ben Mantle, Boat with bunnies and chaos
Review to come June 12th
Where He Can't Find You by Darcy Coates, hand with strings on it, horror, young adult, scary, monsters
Gestatten, ich bin’s, Isoji! 1 by Mie Washio
Review to come June 12th
Don't Feed the Coos! by Jonathan Stutzman, Heather Fox, Pigeons and a shocked kid, picture book
Review to come May 24
The Trouble with the Two-Headed Hydra by Karen Foxlee, Freda Chiu, Girl walking on the beach with a hydra in the sea, mystery, fantasy, children's books
Review to come July 24th
Navigating With You by Jeremy Whitley, Casio Ribiero, Two girls one in her room reading a book and the other reading a book on the beach,
Now, and the Hour of Death by Karen Lykkebo, Skull
How to Train a Newbie 01 by Hibiko Haruyama

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