Library Haul ~ 1-6-2024 (Library #3)

Library Haul ~ 1-6-2024 (Library #3)


Happy welcome to a new Library #3 haul!! I got some FABULOUS books today to share with you~!

First I had some trouble with the library, I needed to renew my subscription/gastlenen, which is normally easy, but now it wasn’t. It was a lot of blabla, but apparently they are changing the way gastlenen works and I just was all confused and with how my mental health bucket is overflowing (or I should say the bathroom it is standing in is just flooded to the brim) I couldn’t understand what the heck was going on (didn’t help she wasn’t very clear about it). Thankfully, my hubby helped out and asked some more details + gave me confidence to also ask some things. I am so happy he was there because if I was alone I would have just gone home crying. Normally I can do things, really, but this year has yeeted way too many things at me (and is still doing so actively) and I just cannot take much anymore. So instead of gastlenen I now got my third paid subscription! Thankfully, this library is pretty decent with its prices so it isn’t too much. The librarian working was actually shocked at the price I paid at Library #1 for just 3 books more than I can get at this library.

Now to the fun part, because I am sure you guys don’t want to hear about overflowing mental health buckets and bathrooms. XD After it all got solved I was super eager to get started on finding new books and I quickly had luck. I found 3 chonky photography books and 1 normal book at the new releases on the ground floor. I quickly let my hubby babysit the big chonky books (since the weather is still meh he stays inside the library and waits for me on one of the benches). And then I went hunting for more!  I wasn’t that lucky at the children’s books section, though I did find two new non-fiction books that I had to take. I had zero luck at the YA sections, and also the English section didn’t have much new. But BUT I did have a great time at the graphic novel part. I only got through three book cases and wasn’t even able to check out the other bits + the comic section. Normally, I get through it all, but now I was just finding new gems and my bag filled up until I hit the max. I cannot wait for next time to see if there are new gems in those sections I wasn’t able to check today!

So I got a ton of new books + had myself a nice little weightlifting/exercise section, haha. I am really excited about these books and I just love that I was able to keep this library. They have such an amazing collection of photography books and non-fiction!

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Just Friends by N.D. Frost
Ik ben hier niet om ducking couscous te eten by Shymo Korver
Ik ben hun stilte by Jordi Lafebre
Voorwendsels en verhalen by Bernard Tant
Het beest #2 by Zidrou
De kuil by Erik Kriek
Lucas’ Wars by Renaud Roche, Laurent Hopman
Houden pinguïns van de kou? by Huw Lewis Jones
Hout by Kim Crabeels
Belgian Architects Today by Agata Toromanoff
Mecanoo by Herbert Wright
Natan by Veerle Windels

2 thoughts on “Library Haul ~ 1-6-2024 (Library #3)

  1. Another wonderful haul Mehsi! Great job! I know you will be busy with all of your new books and I hope you have a stress free week reading them all! So glad everything worked out at this library!☕🌞🌻📚💜

    1. Thank you!! And haha, yes, I have been busy with reading them in between all my other things~ Yep, same, I was already worried I would lose this library, they have such fantastic photography books + graphic novels and I would so miss it. Now I can stay! 🔥😊💖🔥😊💖

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