Review for Cat + Gamer, Volume 1

Review for Cat + Gamer, Volume 1

Cat + Gamer, Volume 1 by Wataru Nadatani, Cute black/white cat on the coverA first time owner and big gamer is here to level up her kitty to full adulthood! Supercute!

Meet Riko a girl who does everything to get her work done on time so she can go home and…. game. Yes, this girl is a hardcore gamer and she will do anything to avoid getting home late. She really appreciates those fine evening hours of just gaming. And I loved that! I just loved seeing how dedicated she was to getting those hours of freedom and I had a giggle how her co-workers reacted to it. But what happens when in one spontaneous moment she accepts a stray cat at her work? Yes, really, it was quite spontaneous. This is a girl who values her gaming, but I guess even she couldn’t resist the charm of the cute little cat in that box.

Cue to her trying to balance gaming with the life of a very adorable and cute kitty. Figuring out what he needs. Figuring out how kitties work. And of course, as expected of a gamer, she treats it like levelling up! She takes lessons from gaming to take care of the cat which had me laughing at times, but hey, I guess it works. XD I loved that this book wasn’t just one big cute fest (which I wouldn’t have minded, but I do love some more flavours in my books), but also had many hilarious moments. Like when the cat sits on top of her console near the power button and how she is desperately trying to get him to NOT touch that button. Or how she had a wonderful picture FINALLY and decided it was a sign for her to scout at one of her games, which didn’t lead to good results.

Plus, I just loved seeing her fall more and more in love with the little one. From having fun playing with him to watching him play (and destroy). She is really getting better and better with each chapter. And once more, I love how she is looking at it in game terminology. Saying his agility stats are up, things like that.

Oh, and at the end of each chapter we get bonus extras from the POV of the cat and those were both super hilarious and very adorable. I love seeing what goes on in this little guy’s mind!

All in all, this is just an adorable, fun, cute, hilarious manga about a gamer and a cat! I cannot wait to read more of it! And I would highly recommend it to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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