Review for Dungeon Runners: Hero Trial

Review for Dungeon Runners: Hero Trial

Dungeon Runners Level 1 Hero Trial by Kieran Larwood, Joe Todd-Stanton, Three kids on a stage with monsters surrounding themI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

How could I resist this delightfully fun looking book? I do love a good fantasy book especially when it features monsters, dungeons.

In this delightful book we read about the Dungeon Running League! In which teams go to battle monsters (and often other teams) to get the most points, find treasure and win grand prizes and be the Dungeon Runner Champion. I mean, that already sounds like I want to be part of. I would absolutely LOVE to go through a dungeon. Well, at first let’s go for an easy one, but I definitely wouldn’t mind them getting harder and harder. Oh, and I love that teams were made of a Healer, Mage, Fighter. I wouldn’t mind being either of those three. Though Healer would be fun, but if I can be the kind of Healer that also kicks ass? Not just heals and stands there, but is also able to be a tank? YES!

Back to the book! When Kit learns that there is going to be a competition because a team in the Dungeon Runner League met their unfortunate end he immediately goes for it. And I love that. I mean the boy has zero people for his team. He is not the best fighter. But he is dedicated. He is motivated. He even runs to his grandpa (who is a champion) to tell him (which made me giggle because it was so cute). And I love how he doesn’t give up even when finding out that he needs to find team members. He just tried his best! And later on in the competition he showed that you don’t always need to have strength to be a great fighter. OK, it definitely helps (thankfully he does find an item later on), but also having friends on your side and being smart helps out a lot as well. You are just rooting for this little guy. Hope that his dreams will be coming true!

And I love his teammembers, Sandy (a mage who can mostly just do sandcastles with cute little flags) and her pet Mister Pinchy and then there is Thorn a vegan (or is he) vampire. I just love these two characters and I love how despite everything they tried their best in the competition. They were such great characters and I am just rooting for both of them. I cannot wait to see them grow to get even stronger. Even better.

The competition, the dungeon? It was just oodles of fun and I love the puzzles. OK, the start was a bit rough given things, but I loved how things continued and I was just cheering so hard. I love that we got to see some of the other teams as well. There are some interesting ones in this competition. Oh and the ending to it all? Fab!

Bonus points for the fun map at the beginning of the book! Always a big win for me in any book!

The illustrations were also a delight and I love how they really felt like a part of the story, telling the story at times. I love how the two presentators of the Dungeon Runner League (Dirk and Jenny) had their conversations and told us all about what was happening in the a Dungeon Run. Oh, and I love love the little character cards we got when we met a new character. With names, stats, and more.

I was NOT a fan of the bullying in this book. Seriously. I wouldn’t have minded winning over a rival, but this bullying just made me unhappy.

But all in all. I would highly recommend this book to all looking for a fun, magical, fantasy-filled ride. Full of dungeons, competitions, danger, and fun illustrations! Be sure to read it.

Star rating, 5 stars

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