Review for Lenny Lemmon and the Alien Invasion

Review for Lenny Lemmon and the Alien Invasion

Lenny Lemmon and the Alien Invasion by Ben Davis, James Lancett, Boy and an alien, humour, children's booksLenny Lemmon is back! And this time there are aliens? And ice cream?

What do you do when you find out that your town isn’t doing well because of a new mall not that far away? Well, if you are Lenny Lemmon you create an hilarious over-the-top plan! That features some inventions of dad (which never work so he won’t miss them) and some masks you made at school that look like alien heads. I just LOVED his plan, it was so Lenny, but it was also just so sweet of him to do this for the town. For his grandma and her ice cream, for his best friend’s parents and their bookstore, for all the others. And I love how dedicated he was to making it look real enough. To fool the people. To make people come to the town and make it popular again. I was just giggling and rooting for Lenny and his best friend and hoping that everything would go according to plan and I was curious to see how much MORE he would make of it, because with Lenny? Just normal is not enough. He loves spectacular!

I loved seeing what happens to the town and I loved seeing people arrive and get the money rolling again for the town’s people. But of course, things would be boring if it was just all that simple, right? Cue a villain. Or well, I would call this moneybags a villain with his attitude and how he doesn’t care about the town at all. I did like that this was added though. Just like how you would add just another topping to an already fabulous pizza to make it even more YUM and FUN!

I also LOVED seeing some of dad’s inventions. OK, they are not really the best. But hey, he at least keeps on trying. And that bicycle? I kinda love it. Plus, it gave us some A-Plus E.T. vibes and fun illustrations! Thanks for that reference!

The ending was just perfection! I laughed, I cheered.

And I cannot forget the illustrations, they were fabulous once again! They make the story even funnier.

I just LOVE this series so much! Each book is full of chaos, fun, and lots of humour! I would highly recommend this book to everyone!

Star rating, 5 stars

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