Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 2-6-2024

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 2-6-2024


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Welcome to a shiny new Sunday’s TBR Updates! The week is over, WOW.

This week was pretty OK. I visited Library #1 and #3, did some gardening, went on a shopping spree in Rotterdam (my first big on since Corona so eep) and got some fun new clothes + craft materials. Oh, and today we are at a pet event with all sorts of fun demos, things to try out, and more. It is Coco’s first big event and I am so hyped for it.
Health-wise, well very tired so I hope that this upcoming week I can just relax and chill and not do much. Mental-health, well let’s just say it is burning. Too much to tell + I don’t want to go all negative here. But yeah, I would like for better times. Less stress would already help.
And as for reading? Well, that was a good week! I had fun reading my books both on my stack and off, plus also go through my ARCs~

What did I read from my TBR? Best Friends Forever (slightly annoying characters, a bit meh story, but still had fun), Kepler62 (OMG!!!), All the dragon ball (and all were fun), The blue spine book (it was very very weird and WTF), Tuf en het beste schoolreisje ooit (the talking animal can leave, but the rest was a rollercoaster of fun), De excursie (this really needed to be longer, it all just dropped dead at the most exciting moment), Roversjong (AWWWW), De beterweter (slightly annoying but still OK read).

I tried and dropped (and at least tried a chapter or so)? Toen de maskers kwamen (eh), De Joods hemel (the writing style didn’t work), The Leftover Woman (eh), The Maid (eh).

Here is a shiny new stack with new library books! And of course, also some more dragon ball books to re-read. I am very excited about this stack + not listed as I was really not carrying THOSE to my attic library are some photography books and graphic novels I got at library #3, but I do hope to read those as well.

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Thank you all so much for reading and I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday + wonderful upcoming week! Let me know in the comments what your plans are + what you are hoping to read + what you think of my stack! Thanks~

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 2-6-2024

  1. Look at all of those beautiful books! I know what you will be doing this week Mehsi! I hope you can find some time to just relax this week with no stress!📚🌻🌞☕💜

    1. Yes! I have been reading quite a bit this week! It was a pretty OK week even with not too much stress, phew! Hope your week was also a good one so far! 🌷🏝🩷☀🌸🐰

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