Waiting on Wednesday ~ Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Wolf by Rhiannon Fielding, Chris Chatterton

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Wolf by Rhiannon Fielding, Chris Chatterton

Evening everyone!

Welcome to a shiny new Waiting on Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great week so far~

This week I am eagerly waiting for the newest instalment of the Ten Minutes to Bed series, this time Little Wolf (and Red Riding Hood)! I just LOVE this series so much (Little Monster, Little Mermaid, Little Dragon, Baby Unicorn) and I am hyped for this new book! And this book sounds just so cute. About a little wolf cub who is afraid of the dark, bedtime is coming, a new friend is made, and more.

Now I just gotta wait until July. But maybe I will be reading Little Dinosaur, Little Fairy, Little Unicorn Birthday and Christmas, while I am waiting as those I still have left to read. Yep, still plenty. I found out about this series in 2021 and read 3 of them, then in 2023 I rediscovered it and read 1, and then I forgot about it until well this year again, haha. I just have to many fabulous books and GR isn’t the best way to keep track of series at times.

Ten Minutes to Bed Little Wolf by Rhiannon Fielding, Chris Chatterton, Tiny little wolf in a fairy tale forest with the night setting and all sorts of creatures and red riding hood looking at the wolfA brand-new fairy-tale-themed story from the world of the no.1 bestselling Ten Minutes to Bed series.

Socks the little wolf cub loves to explore his woodland home… when it’s still bright outside.
But when Socks spies a mysterious figure in a red cloak, he follows her deep into the woods. Will his new friend help Socks to conquer his fear of the dark before bedtime?
Weaving a journey from lively beginning to gentle end, this fresh interpretation of a well-loved fairy tale is perfect for fans of the Ten Minutes to Bed series and will help little readers everywhere settle down for bedtime.

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