Release Day Blitz ~ Jumping Hurdles by Sarah Surgey

Release Day Blitz ~ Jumping Hurdles by Sarah Surgey

Afternoon all!

Jumping Hurdles by Sarah Surgey, Little girl jumping hurdles on sports day

A very happy welcome to a special Release Day Blitz for a very special book: Jumping Hurdles by Sarah Surgey! It is about a girl diagnosed with Dyspraxia, and we see how the girl tries to handle her diagnosis and find a way to play again. This is the first book on the UK market featuring a MC with dyspraxia and I am so excited that this book exists.

And look forward to my review for this book (I cannot wait to read it) coming next week on the 15th~

Happy book birthday to the author! Congrats on the book coming out in the wild today, I hope you have an amazing day~

Jumping Hurdles by Sarah Surgey, Little girl jumping hurdles on sports dayBea is a determined and resourceful 7-year-old girl. She has just been diagnosed with Dyspraxia, which she still doesn’t quite understand yet. What she does know is that sometimes things feel a little harder for her to do, unlike her friends. Bea’s been told she’s a “little clumsy”, so sports day might be more challenging than she first thought. But through her determination and willpower, Bea realises that Dyspraxia hasn’t replaced her other strengths. She can still reach the end of the race; she needs to use her other qualities.
Jumping Hurdles is an uplifting picture book that highlights one girl’s reality of having a diagnosis. A beautiful SEL book that promotes positivity for children with Dyspraxia whilst teaching empathy and understanding for those who don’t.

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About the author:

Sarah Surgey is a children’s author whose books help children to reflect and grow. Sarah comes from a teaching background, and it was here that she realised just how valuable books are to children’s emotional and social well-being. Sarah works with children’s publishers in the UK, across Europe and beyond. By the end of 2024, she will have 7 picture books published across the globe. A mum to 4 daughters, four cats and one dog, she can be found forever with a notebook and pencil in her hand because who has the time actually to sit at a desk and write?

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