Review: Do Penguins Like the Cold?

Review: Do Penguins Like the Cold?

Do Penguins Like the Cold by Huw Lewis Jones, Sam Caldwell, Two guys researching penguinsThe second book by Huw Lewis Jones and Sam Caldwell, this time we are going to find some penguins and learn all about them!

At the end of last year I read their first book, Do Bears Poop in the Woods? (review here) which was an absolutely delight to read so I was so excited when I saw this book, in Dutch, at one of my libraries. I just had to bring it along and I am so happy I did because this book? It was as fun as the first one!

I am a big big fan of penguins and I was curious if I was going to learn something new about these adorable creatures! And I can say that I did. I learned there were prehistoric penguins, can you imagine seeing a penguin of 1.80m??? I would be terrified, haha. And I REALLY want to go to Australia to meet those blue penguins. I think I remember that there were penguins, I just didn’t know they had blue feathers. So fun! While I think I read about the poop somewhere, it was still fun to see the different colours. I wouldn’t mind pooping in pink if I ate something pink, that would be so cool! Haha.

And next to new things there is a lot I already knew, but I didn’t mind because it is all told in a fun engaging way that makes you want to keep reading. The format of questions and then answering is a lot of fun and I loved the topics that were picked. From food to dancing to predators to family to where penguins live, every aspect of the penguin is touched upon. It isn’t a big book but packed to the gills with information. I just flew right through the book and enjoyed it all.

Of course, like most animal/nature books, there is also the topic of environmental bits. How to save penguins, what we can do, and more.

The art was just fantastic. Sam Caldwell has done it again and I loved every bit of it. Well, OK, except the part with the tongue and the teeth. Yes, I knew penguins have those, but that was just terrifying. XD

All in all, I would highly recommend this delightful and fun book to everyone and I hope that this duo makes more books! I cannot wait to see what is next!

Star rating, 4.5 stars


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