Review: Time Travel Sleepover: Knights & Castles

Review: Time Travel Sleepover: Knights & Castles

Time Travel Sleepover Knights & Castles by Timothy Knapman, Matt Robertson, Two kids coming out of a portal and greeting two kids dressed in medieval clothesI received this book from Edelweiss/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

The second Time Travel Sleepover and I am so excited! The previous one was all about Egypt (read my review here) and this one is all about the Medieval Times!

We are doing our wiggle, wobble, and the rest of the dance and it is time for a new sleepover! This time we are going to Medieval Times and we meet Hubert and Eloise, brother and sister, who live in a castle! They are more then eager to show their new friends (and cute cat) the workings of the castle and who and what is the boss/what they do to clothes and food, to much more. Through fun adventures with two page spread illustrations you will learn everything you may want to know about living in a castle during this time. Nothing is skipped! It was a lot of fun and seriously, I was doing the dance as well in the hopes that maybe it would work, sadly, no time travel sleepovers for me! I will just have to stick to normal ones. A shame! Because I already wanted to travel with them to Egypt, but the Medieval Times were also a lot of fun. I didn’t really learn a lot of new things, though there were maybe one or two that I didn’t know yet. Like the water thing to see if someone is digging a tunnel!

I loved seeing the kids try out new things which lead to fun times, or in case of armour fitting, not so fun times (though for Hubert and Eloise and the readers it is fun times because it looks silly).

I also enjoyed seeing the cat travel along and make a friend. Or well, two friends.

Plus, I also love how the kids we meet aren’t fazed at the fact that someone just time travelled to their time and want to stay over. They are apparently fine with it! I would have definitely been a bit more cautious about things, haha.

All in all, this was a delightful read and I had so much fun, this will for sure be a hit with kids!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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