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This can be Book related merchandise I bought or Swag I received from authors or contests or etc..

Swag for Alive by Chandler Baker!

Swag for Alive by Chandler Baker!

Two months ago an author named Chandler Baker posted on Twitter that she was sending swag to people, of course, I had to see if she also would send it to Europe, and apparently she did! Yesterday the mailbox had a lovely envelope from the US. At first I was confused (it has been almost 2 months since that twitter message), but when I opened it I was happy, surprised and excited. Yes, one could say I even danced through the house. 😉

So hereby, I received a booklet (with excerpt for her upcoming book), a bookmark, a sticker with a lovely note on the back, and they were signed! Thanks so very much Chandler Baker, I can’t wait for the book to come out. Thanks so much for sending me this lovely swag, I am so happy!

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