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These are my weekly blog memes.

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NOTE: Around 2019 I switched around Thursday’s and Tuesday’s posts as the Monday and Tuesday posts were too close alike. So instead of Teaser Thursday it became Teaser Tuesday, and First Chapter First Paragraphs Tuesday Intros became First Chapter First Paragraph Thursday Intros.

First Chapter First Paragraph Thursday Intros ~ Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

First Chapter First Paragraph Thursday Intros ~ Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

Window Shopping Tessa Bailey, Romance, Holidays, Window, Ladder, Shop, Presents, Christmas, Green, Cute
Normally, I avoid Fifth Avenue. But not today. I’ll never be able to explain why I deviated from my route and veered down the bustling thoroughfare of high-end shopping.
If I was a girl who believed in magic, I would say there was a tingle of Christmas magic in the air that propelled me east, carrying me through the shopper’s paradise on a wintery gust of wind. Or I would say Santa’s elves were nipping at my heels, urging me to this exact spot where I’m now standing transfixed by the giant display window outside of Vivant. But magic is for suckers and children, so that can’t be it. Maybe I was just ready to look again.