I Am a Story by Dan Yaccarino
I Am Angry by Michael Rosen, Robert Starling
I Am Pusheen the Cat by Claire Belton
I’m Afraid Your Teddy is in Trouble Today by Jancee Dunn, Scott Nash
I’m NOT Missing by Kashelle Gourley, Skylar Hogan
I Can Catch a Monster by Bethan Woollvin
I Can Only Draw Worms by Will Mabbitt
I Can See Just Fine by Eric Barclay
I Don’t Have a Cat by Contessa Hileman, Caroyln Conahan
I Don’t Have a Dog by Contessa Hileman, Carolyn Conahan
I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End by Emma Perry, Sharon Davey
I Don’t Want 100 Dogs by Stacy McAnulty, Claire Keane
I Don’t Want Curly Hair by Laura Ellen Anderson
I Don’t Want to Be Small by Laura Ellen Anderson
I Don’t Want to Eat That THING! (I Don't Want) by R.K. Vetter
I Don’t Want to Share my Bear! (I Don't Want) by R.K. Vetter
I Feel a Foot! by Maranke Rinek, Martijn van der Linden
I Love My Cat by Simon Mole, Sam Usher
I Need a New Butt! by Dawn McMillan, Ross Kinnaird
I See Kitty (Kitty #1) by Yasmine Surovec
I Want 100 Dogs by Stacy McAnulty, Claire Keane
I Want a Friend by Anne Booth, Amy Proud
I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen
I Want to Eat Your Books by Karin Lefranc, Tyler Parker
I’ll Hug You More by Laura Duksta, Melissa Iwai
I’m big now! by Anthea Simmons, Georgie Birkett
Ian at Granmda and Grandpa’s House (Ian) by Pauline Oud
If I had a Dinosaur by Alex Barrow, Gabby Dawnay
If I had a Gryphon by Vikki Vansickle, Cale Atkinson
If The Shoe Fits by Deborah Guarino, Seth Hippen
Imaginary Fred by Eoin Colfer, Oliver Jeffers
In a Jar by Deborah Marcero
In the Meadow by Yukiko Kato
Incredible Book Eating Boy, The by Oliver Jeffers
Incredible Hotel, The by Kate Davies, Isabelle Follath
Interstellar Cinderella by Deborah Underwood, Meg Hunt
It’s a Book by Lane Smith
Itty Bitty Betty Blob by Constance Lombardo, Micah Player
Itty-Bitty Kitty-corn by Shannon Hale, LeUyen Pham
Izzy Gizmo by Pip Jones, Sara Ogilvie
Izzy the Invisible by Louise Gray, Laura Ellen Anderson

Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall
Jacob’s New Dress by Sarah Hoffman, Ian Hoffman, Chris Case
Jade Braves the Dark by Valdene Mark, Sawyer Cloud
Jampires by Sarah McIntyre, David O’Connell
Jeff Goes Wild by Angie Rozelaar
Jonathan the Magic Pony by Stuart Heritage, Nicola Slater
Julia’s House for Lost Creatures by Ben Hatke
Jumping Hurdles by Sarah Surgey, Nathasha Gunathilake
Jungle: Big, Bigger, Biggest, The by Marie Aubinais, Jean-Francois Martin

Karate Kids by Holly Sterling
Kid Christmas by David Litchfield
Kiddie Table, The by Colleen Madden
King Baby by Kate Beaton
King of Space, The by Jonny Duddle
Knighthood for Beginners by Elys Dolan
Knock Knock Dinosaur by Caryl Hart, Nick East
Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity (Knuffle Bunny #2) by Mo Willems
Krampus Baby by Elias Bark, Zoe Persico

Larry Gets Lost in the Library by Eric Ode, John Skewes
Last Book Before Bedtime, The by Nicola O’Byrne
Leaf Thief, The by Alice Hemming, Nicola Slater
Leaves by David Ezra Stein
Lechón Choncho, El by Jennifer S. Segarra
Library Book For Bear, A (Bear and Mouse) by Bonny Becker, Kady MacDonald Denton
Lindbergh by Torben Kuhlmann
Lion Lessons by Jon Agee
Little Adventurers and Leafy, the Pet Leaf by Philip Ardagh, Elissa Elwick
Little Big Nate Draws a Blank by Lincoln Peirce
Little Big Nate: No Nap! by Lincoln Peirce
Little Bird’s Bad Word by Jacob Grant
Little Goose’s Autumn by Elli Woollard, Briony May Smith
Little Lion by Anna Brett, Carmen Saldana
Litle One, You Are The Universe by Zeni Shariff
Little Red Wolf, The by Amélie Fléchais
Little Tails in Prehistory by Frédéric Brrémaud, Federico Bertolucci
Little Tails in the Jungle by Frédéric Brrémaud, Federico Bertolucci
Little Wolf Doesn’t Want to Go to Sleep by Jo Lindley
Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess, The by Tom Gauld
Littlest Dinosaur’s First Christmas, The (The Littlest Dinosaur) by Steven Kothlow, Bryce Raffle, Tessa Verplancke
Littlest Yak, The by Lu Fraser, Kate Hindley
LLama Destroys the World (A Llama Book) by Jonathan Stutzman, Heather Fox
Llama Glamarama by Simon James Green, Garry Parsons
Look for Ladybug in Ocean City by Katherine Manolessou
Look for Ladybug in Plant City by Katherine Manolessou
Lost Path, The by Amélie Fléchais
Love is my Favourite Thing by Emma Chichester Clark
Love, Violet by Charlotte Sullivan Wild, Charlene Chua
Love Your Body by Jessica Sanders, Carol Rossetti
Luke and Lottie: It’s Halloween by Ruth Wielockx
Lulu Loves the Library by Anna McQuinn, Rosalind Beardshaw
Luna’s Yum Yum Dim Sum by Natasha Yim, Violet Kim