Review Policy

Review Policy

PLEASE READ!!!: I am still on a break from reviewing most genres/age groups, however starting today (3rd of March 2018) I will be accepting English picture books (and sequels to books I read and loved) and Dutch YA/Children’s books again! I am also open for Manga and Graphic Novels. As for the rest, maybe I will eventually review everything again. 🙂

However! If you have a book tour or a promotion for your book you want me to participate in, I am always happy to participate. This promo post can be about anything, for instance just book information, an excerpt, or giveaway, or a mix of those. Just make sure that it matches my preferences for my blog (so YA/NA or Middle Grade/Children or Graphic Novels and Manga). Languages: Dutch or English. You can contact me through contact page.

NOTE: Since people have a hard time reading my review policy and reading what is in there (especially the bold part), starting today (3rd of March 2018) if your book doesn’t meet with what I want to review now, I will ignore your mail. I am sorry, but I am getting too many incorrect mails (aka mails about books that are not ones I want to review).

Mehsi, or the Twirling Book Princess, is currently and kindly accepting, both e- and print-ARCs for reviews from publicists, authors, agents or others. You can contact me through my contact page.

* My e-reader is a Kindle Paper White, so the preferred format would be .azw. However .epub or .pdf is also an option.

* I live in the Netherlands, so keep that in mind too in regards with book copies. I know that several US/UK-based publicists or authors only want to have people from their country.

* I will try to write a review for every book I will receive, however, they might not all be high stars, so don’t expect 4 or 5 stars only. If I dislike a book, I will be honest about it. If, in any case I really don’t like a book, and can’t get through it (I will of course always try to give it a few chances!), I will contact you and be sure to tell you why I couldn’t finish it.

* If you give me a book to review I will be sure to read and review the book within 8 weeks. Of course if you have a specific date in mind for the review, please let me know and I will accommodate to that date.

* If I write a review about a book I received, there will be a line above the review that says something like: I received this book from [insert what applies] in exchange for an honest review.

*I review in Dutch and English.

* I will review books for the following age groups (which some also see as genres): Young Adult, New Adult, and Middle Grade/Children. I will also review Graphic Novels and Manga.

NOTE: While I do read other genres, I want to focus my blog on NA/YA/MG/Childrens/Manga/Graphic Novels, with only the occasional/rare book not from those genres. Thanks for understanding.

Most of the books I am currently reviewing are my own books, from my own collection, or books I get from one of my libraries. (Yes, I have multiple libraries that I visit.) A very small part of my books is from Netgalley or from a publisher. The latter will be specifically mentioned.

I post my reviews on this blog, but also on Goodreads, Rifflebooks, Tumblr (for ARCs), Booklikes (ARCs). And should it be required, I can also post on Barnes&Noble. Sadly, as per May/June 2018 I cannot review on Amazon any more as they require a 50 dollar/euro minimum spend money, and I cannot buy stuff from, and my fiancee and I share an account on which we buy stuff on I will also promote the book review on my Twitter (@Mehsi_Hime). If you have specific sites you would like to see the review on, please let me know and I will see if I can add the review to those sites.

Once I have finished reading a book and reviewed it (this applies to my own books), if it is good, I will keep it. And if it is bad, I will donate it to a charity or a friend. In case of eBooks, I delete those. And of course Library Books get brought back to the library. 😉

 ****Small Disclaimer***

All my reviews and ratings are my own, personal opinion on a book. I write reviews because I love to express my opinion and let my fellow booklovers and friends know what I thought of the books I read. It isn’t done to undermine or hurt authors or to hate on them and/or their books. Please remember this. Thanks.