Review/Promotions Policy

Review/Promotions Policy

Mehsi, or the Twirling Book Princess, is currently and kindly accepting, both e- and print-ARCs for reviews from publicists, authors, agents, or others. You can contact me through my contact page.

* My e-reader is a Kindle Paper White, so the preferred format would be .azw or mobi.

* I live in the Netherlands, so keep that in mind too in regards with book copies.

* I will try to write a review for every book I will receive, however, they might not all be high stars, so don’t expect 4 or 5 stars only. If I dislike a book, I will be honest about it. If, in any case I really don’t like a book, and can’t get through it (I will of course always try to give it a few chances!), I will contact you and be sure to tell you why I couldn’t finish it.

* If you give me a book to review I will be sure to read and review the book within 8 weeks. Of course if you have a specific date in mind for the review, please let me know and I will accommodate to that date.

* If I write a review about a book I received, there will be a line above the review that says something like: I received this book from [insert what applies] in exchange for an honest review.

*I review in Dutch and English.

* I will review books for the following age groups (which some also see as genres): Young Adult (sometimes), New Adult, and Middle Grade/Children. I will also review Graphic Novels and Manga.

NOTE: While I do read other genres, I want to focus my blog on YA/NA/MG/Childrens/Manga/Graphic Novels, with only the occasional/rare book from another genre/age group. Thanks for understanding.

Most of the books I am currently reviewing are my own books from my own collection, or books I get from one of my libraries. (Yes, I have multiple libraries that I visit.) A very small part of my books is from Netgalley or from a publisher. The latter will be specifically mentioned.

I post my reviews on this blog, but also on Goodreads, Rifflebooks, Booklikes (ARCs). And should it be required, I can also post on Barnes&Noble. I can also post on Not the other ones, since I cannot buy anything there and you need a 50 (insert currency) amount spend. I will also promote the book review on my Twitter (@Mehsi_Hime). If you have specific sites you would like to see the review on, please let me know and I will see if I can add the review to those sites.

Once I have finished reading a book and reviewed it (this applies to my own books), if it is good, I will keep it. And if it is bad, I will donate it to a charity or a friend. In case of eBooks, I delete those. And of course Library Books get brought back to the library. 😉

 ****Small Disclaimer***

All my reviews and ratings are my own, personal opinion on a book. I write reviews because I love to express my opinion and let my fellow booklovers and friends know what I thought of the books I read. It isn’t done to undermine or hurt authors or to hate on them and/or their books. Please remember this. Thanks.

Regarding Promotions: I am also open to promotional tours/blitzes/cover reveals or just the occasional post to promote. Please make sure that the material you want me to promote falls within my genres/age groups (so YA/NA/MG/Childrens/Manga/Graphic Novels). Thank you!

NOTE: Since people have a hard time reading my review policy and reading what is in there (especially the bold part), starting today (3rd of March 2018) if your book or promotion doesn’t meet with what I specify in this page, I will ignore your mail. I am sorry, but I am getting too many incorrect mails.