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Review for Your Worst Nightmare

Review for Your Worst Nightmare

9781442482357This was a really nice book. Let me first tell you the good things:

1. Scary past story for the caves (creeped me out).
2. Scary motel close to the caves (things happening even there).
3. That souvenir shop gave me the heebie-jeebies, especially when they got those gift bags and each of them got their worst fears in a bag.
4. The characters (at least for a bit), they were fun, interesting and I was hoping for certain events to happen.
5. The maze part and the truth about it. I was just shivering the whole time when they went through the part of the maze with clowns (Nooooooooo), mots (urggghhhhh).
6. The whole setting was awesome. I wish there would be more creepy caves stories.

Now what I didn’t like:

1. The characters when they went into the caves. There is clearly a big sign of no-no, don’t enter and yet… they enter. Stating that because there must be lights, it must be safe. *snort*
2. The ending. It was horrendous. We finally have characters like that and then you do that? No, just no. That is just horrendous. I was all hoping for a certain ending, only to get a no-ending.

Well that is all, as you can see I mostly liked the book. 🙂

I would recommend it to everyone who needs a creepy book and doesn’t mind a bad ending.