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Review for Infinity

Review for Infinity

infinitySo this will be the only book (by Sarah Dessen) that I really liked that I won’t buy. Not that it isn’t good, but well it is a very very short book (like 60 pages), and to pay 4/5 euros for that, no. Unless it was a super rare, awesome signed book, but otherwise no.

The story was quite good, though I don’t understand what her problem with roundabouts is. In my country we have them everywhere, and while I don’t drive a car, I have been in a car many times and there is nothing scary about it, nothing strange about it, and nothing to be worried about. There are signs everywhere and they will tell you where to go.

Then we have her boyfriend. Dear Lord, he was such a prick. Only wanting to have sex, and when his girlfriend clearly gives her borders and rejects you, you just walk away and go to someone easier? sighs Yes, you have been together for 6 months, no, that is not an excuse/reason/whatever to have sex. You should have sex when you both want it, not when one party wants it. I feel sorry for the main character, she deserves better and I hope she will find someone who understands her.

This is a very short story, but I felt like everything was said and done at the end and it felt complete. Which makes me happy, since I have read some short stuff that felt incomplete or felt rushed. This one didn’t feel rushed at all.