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Review for Bingo Brown’s Guide to Romance

Review for Bingo Brown’s Guide to Romance

I received this book from Netgalley/Publisher in exchange for a review.

9781453294147Well I didn’t know this was the last book in the series. That wasn’t mentioned in the Netgalley description. Kind of sad with that, because now at times I was just confused. There are some explanations, but a lot is just strange or weird and I felt like I missed a lot. Like what is up with the relationship between Melissa and Bingo? Why call your kid Bingo (sounds like a dog’s name to me)?

Bingo was a nice character and I loved how he interacted with his little brother (and how he decided to make a guide for him), but I had some things I didn’t like about him:
1. How he spoke. I don’t know exactly how old he was (but I would say 12/13), but he spoke like a 40-year old. Way too fancy for a kid at least.
2. Who the hell writes love letters that talk about how hungry you are for love and hungrily yours? Of course she will run away, any girl would do that.

And then we also have the whole Xerox thing, which I never seen anyone use. But that might be because I don’t live in the US, and from what I could find it was something big there. Also, I found out that this book was first published in 1994, so that explains all the Xerox stuff, since I think these days it would just be email or text or other modern stuff.

There were also various other things that seemed out of place for this age, things not used any more. So it was at times a bit confusing. Of course back when the book was made it was all normal, but yeah, re-publishing the book in this age, might make it that people might not like it that much, due to the strange words, the strange things they did in the US in that time.

The mom was my favourite character, she was totally awesome! I think many kids would love such a mom who just chases after their girlfriends because they asked her to do that. And then mom totally gets into it and tears through everything on her way. 🙂

Melissa turned out to be a really nice girl, and I can imagine why she had a hard time talking to Bingo. She really liked him and had to tell him something that wasn’t that fun. I loved the ending, their last meeting and how their chat went.

All in all though it was a fun and nice book, I might (if I can find them) read the first books as well.