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Should I break up or not break up with a series?-chart

Should I break up or not break up with a series?-chart

Hi everyone,

I was browsing and one of my favourite blogs posted something really awesome. Something that I am sure will help not only me, but also others. It is a chart that will help you decide if you should or shouldn’t continue with a series (Break up or not break up). Because, don’t we all have a series (or more of them, if we have to be really honest) which we are wondering about: Should I continue or should I drop it?
Well with the help of this chart, I already dropped one series that I was wondering about! I am hoping it will help me out more in the future, as I have some other series, and I always feel guilty for dropping a series. I hope that feeling will pass as well.

I hope that everyone will love this chart and will be able to use it to their advantage. Thanks to Jenna at for making this chart. Here is a link to the discussion post (and you can find the chart there as well): Bookiemoji

And here is the wonderful chart!