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My Summer Challenge 2014

My Summer Challenge 2014

Hello everyone! Normally I don’t do challenges for summers, but this year I decided to make my summer a Sarah Dessen Summer. What this means is that every week I will read one Sarah Dessen book, and I hope by August/September to be done with all her books. So far I have read these books (updated at 5 August 2014):

9780670785605 9780142415566_AlongForTheR_CV.indd 97801424238379780142401767_KeepingTheMo_CV.inddJust listen Sarah Dessen9780142401729_ThatSummer_CV.indd9780142401774_SomeoneLikeY_CV.indd

The book Moon and More was so-so, but I loved Along for the Ride and What Happened to Goodbye, Keeping the Moon, That Summer and Someone Like You. Just Listen was the only one so far that I disliked/hated.

For this week I am reading: 9780142414729_LockAndKey_CV.indd

So far the challenge is proving to be super fun, my collection of Sarah Dessen books went from zero to 7. 🙂