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Make-over Time!

Make-over Time!

Hello everyone,

As you might have seen, my blog underwent a transformation!
I thought it was time for a bit of a change, my blog’s 3 year anniversary is coming (February!) + it is almost Christmas. My blog deserved something new and shiny. So after a few days of testing, trying, puzzling, wondering, thinking, creating, I finally had everything I wanted in one place. And just look at the results!

Thanks to my sweet boyfriend for helping me out, you are the best! hugs

And I hope everyone will enjoy this new, and beautiful, layout.

P.S: A fun little fact: The books in the banner are some of my favourite books and I would recommend all of them.

Weekly Quote for Week-7 2016 ! Bookishly Ever After

Weekly Quote for Week-7 2016 ! Bookishly Ever After

21018154“Maeve fans are dangerous. We learn how to wield pointy objects,” I told him as I handed him the bag. “You shouldn’t upset them.”

“I’ll take the risk. You’ll defend me, right?” He picked up my bow and I squeaked as he lost my page in the process. Oblivious to my pawing through the book to find where I had left off, he swung the bow around to check out the sight.

“I don’t know,” I said, trying to sound cute and not the least bit relieved about finding my page. “If someone shows up with a bigger bow, you’re on your own.” I gently pried the bow out of his hands.

He nearly choked on his soda. “Size-ist,” he managed between coughs and suppressed laughter.