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Review for Kakukaku Shikajika Vol.1

Review for Kakukaku Shikajika Vol.1

kakukaku shikajikaWhen I heard about this one, I was interesting. Sadly it was quite boring and at times I just wanted to stop and quit reading. But I continued, and I am glad I am finished.

The art was quite pretty at times, but at other times it was over-the-top and looked ugly (like when the characters are shocked, their faces look really ugly and strange).

There was also too much information dump. It got me out of the story, out of the flow, because I had to stop and read. Eventually I just skipped those parts and tried to ignore them.

The characters were so-so. I didn’t like them that much, the main girl was pretty much an idiot without much will or strength. The sensei was quite mean and brutish, but you soon notice that he is hiding something, that he might not be that mean. However this is only a few times. Mostly I think his way of teaching isn’t the best. Hitting/poking people with a bamboo sword? Calling them names? Shouting at them? No, it might be a good way to learn things, but I don’t approve.
Futami, urgh. Silent, but yet she will kick you when you are down. I didn’t like her attitude.

All in all, I won’t be continuing with this manga series.