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Spell the Month in Books: January

Spell the Month in Books: January

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Nichijou, Calendar

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Review for Nichijou Vol.1

Review for Nichijou Vol.1

9784047139497I have watched the anime back when it aired, some years ago now. Since there has been no news on a new season, I decided to check out the manga.

Well I can say one thing, the anime closely followed the manga. A lot of jokes, well everything, is also in the anime. Which made the manga for me a bit boring and predictable.

Also I don’t think Nichijou works in manga-format. The jokes fall short, they are boring, a bit lame and they just lack that magic that animation brings. It is a shame, but I won’t be continuing with this manga. I will just continue waiting, hoping, that one day Nichijou will have a fresh batch of episodes.

The characters are still fun though, and I really enjoyed seeing them all back again. Nano, Hakase, Mio, Aioi, Mai, everyone else. I just missed Sakamoto, but I know he came into the story way later.

Would I recommend this book? No, I would recommend people watch the anime.